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Will your case be successful?

A good dispute resolution lawyer will not simply be confident of the success of your case, they will have verified with certainty its success. This is otherwise known as “case viability” which is initially established through interviews with clients and conducting factual and legal analysis of the case.

Human bias and assumptions are factors that can pose risks to the reliability of determining case viability. For this reason, it is essential that the correct factors are assessed to ensure a fair assessment of a case’s success.

Of course, you would hope that any dispute resolution lawyer you choose to work with will verify your case viability. However, there are steps you can take prior to and during contacting the correct legal counsel to increase the viability of your case.

Seek the correct legal advice

Determining the legal path you will take is not something you have to do alone, but understanding what legal help you need will reduce the potential risks of your case being unsuccessful. For example, should you choose litigation or mediation to resolve a dispute? While both are viable options, the nuances of your particular case could be better suited to one or the other.

Always conduct thorough research and seek recommendations from friends or family if they have had a good experience with particular legal advice.

Prepare for a consultation

While your legal counsel will be able to help you map out the finer details of your case, it is important to come to your consultation prepared. They may have dealt with cases very similar to yours before but knowing the specifics will greatly increase the viability of your case. Legal advisors must be able to assess the evidential factors of your case which can only be done with the correct information presented.

Take relevant letters and documentation to your consultation and answer every question asked of you accurately and clearly. Do not hold back any information as this could cause complications later on.

Ask questions

You are just as entitled to ask questions as you are to be asked them. Questions such as; how have you handled cases like mine before? What type of cases do you usually handle? What is the likely outcome of my case? These are all valid questions to discuss with your legal advisor. It is important to be confident in the legal advice you are being offered and will help you determine the viability of your case.

The experience and knowledge of a dispute resolution lawyer are important but so is your relationship with them. You need to have the same confidence as them that your case will be successful and you are taking the right path to resolving any disputes.

Mercantile Barristers pride ourselves on our down-to-earth practical legal experts. We specialise in legal issues that are complex, intricate and so important that the most seasonal expertise in advice and handling is required. For this reason, we understand the importance of establishing a strong relationship with our clients so that we may handle these cases with the utmost professionalism and delicacy.

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