Building Safety & Cladding

Building Safety & Cladding

Grenfell Tower Tragedy and the Building Safety Act 2022

Following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, many developers and homeowners are unsure who is responsible for remedying defective cladding on high rise buildings. Cladding is the material usually used on the exterior of a building to improve appearance; insulation; and energy efficiency.

As a result, the Building Safety Act 2022 was enacted by the government to address substantial failings in the construction industry and how it was regulated. The 2022 Act gained Royal Assent in April 2022 and has been gradually brought into force since then, introducing significant change across many levels, these include but are not limited to:

Building Owners Considerations

Building owners should investigate and seek advice on any claim against architects and professionals responsible for designing and undertaking the cladding work in their property.

Our barristers have experience of advising building owners and professionals, such as architects; lawyers; and surveyors on their rights and/or liabilities in the construction of defective buildings.

Considerations for Tenants

When purchasing a leasehold property, the vendor and/or management company should disclose particulars of any works and risk assessments of proposed works, as well as works undertaken in the last three years.

Our barristers have experience of advising tenants when considering their lease, so they are aware of their rights and responsibilities if building safety and cladding issues arise.

Legal Advice and Representation on Building Safety & Cladding

Our barristers at Mercantile Barristers have in depth knowledge on the law relating to Building Safety and Cladding relating to building regulations and the operation of relevant guidance in order to provide clients with clear and practical advice on how to resolve disputes cost-effectively. Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

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Instructing our direct access barristers is the cost effective alternative to the traditional route of engaging a solicitor first.  The process is just as straightforward. Here’s how the process works:
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You can call, email, or fill out an enquiry form to tell us about your case. One of our specialist clerks will speak with you to make the arrangements to advance your case.

Our specialist clerk will match you with the barrister with the expertise to deal with all aspects of your case. They will also obtain and organise the papers the barrister will have to consider in your case.

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In the consultation the barrister will assess your legal position, devise a legal strategy, and give you appropriate advice on the necessary next steps to achieve your objective. 

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