Commercial Law

Commercial Law

You can instruct our specialist Civil and Commercial Litigation Barristers directly which can result in significant savings on legal fees when compared to the traditional route of going through civil and commercial lawyer or solicitor.

Our experienced civil and commercial litigation barristers are lawyers of distinction who are experts in all aspects of civil and commercial litigation. They have specialist knowledge of the relevant law covering civil and commercial litigation as well as the specialist tribunals and courts that they appear before.

At Mercantile Barristers, some of our civil and commercial litigation barristers have held profit responsibility in industry with substantial first-hand knowledge and practical experience of the full spectrum of civil and commercial issues and disputes. They are experienced in  addressing the issues that arise in the course of a civil and commercial litigation matter and aligning the outcomes with client objectives. As such, they are regularly instructed by solicitors, surveyors,  consultants, corporations, institutions as well as individual clients requiring strategic solutions to their civil and commercial litigation problems.

Our civil and commercial litigation practice is headed by Mr. Samuel Okoronkwo, a barrister with over 30 years of commercial, professional and legal practice experience. He is quite accustomed to dealing with all aspects of civil and commercial litigation including case appraisals to ascertain the prospect of successfully commencing a claim, settling letters before claim, particulars of claim, defence, track allocation, cost and case management, injunctions, trials and appeals.

How Our Process Works

Instructing our direct access barristers is the cost effective alternative to the traditional route of engaging a solicitor first.  The process is just as straightforward. Here’s how the process works:
You can call, email, or fill out an enquiry form to tell us about your case. One of our specialist clerks will speak with  you to make the arrangements to advance your case.

You can call, email, or fill out an enquiry form to tell us about your case. One of our specialist clerks will speak with you to make the arrangements to advance your case.

Our specialist clerk will match you with the barrister with the expertise to deal with all aspects of your case. They will also obtain and organise the papers the barrister will have to consider in your case.

Our clerk will agree the fee for your consultation with the barrister beforehand. The clerk will then arrange a convenient time for you to have the consultation by video call, telephone or in person.

In the consultation the barrister will assess your legal position, devise a legal strategy, and give you appropriate advice on the necessary next steps to achieve your objective. 


Here are some of our FAQs which you may find of assistance. If not we are happt to talk, call now on 020 30340077

There are two divisions of the High Court dealing with civil and commercial cases. The Chancery Division hears matters relating to trusts, probate, insolvency, business, and land law. The Queen’s Bench Division (“QBD”) hears various contract laws and personal injury and general negligence cases.

In the fast-paced environment of business, commerce and, often, private life, engaging in disputes diverts valuable resources and time away from your objectives. For businesses, disputes may stunt growth, prohibit expansion, and delay success.

At Mercantile Barristers, we aim to provide legal solutions to meet all our client’s objectives.

The Civil Procedure Rules in England & Wales require that parties make a reasonable effort to settle their dispute through negotiation in the first instance. If this proves unsuccessful, they are further encouraged to consider other forms of alternative dispute resolution, including mediation, adjudication, or arbitration.

Mercantile Barristers can assist clients in resolving various civil disputes from unpaid obligations, unfulfilled contract terms and most disputes that do not involve criminal conduct.

Our Direct-Access members who are authorised to conduct litigation can deal with compliance with pre-action protocols, issue court proceedings and maintain expert conduct of the case through to completion. This includes dealing with the exchange of correspondence with the opposition; and necessary third parties in order to achieve a satisfactory result

Our barristers are also available to represent clients and provide advocacy at pre-trial hearings, case management conferences, trials, arbitrations and mediations.

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