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How Construction Can Break into the Digital Marketplace

The world is changing at a fast pace and construction companies need to make sure they are keeping up. Manual jobs being replaced by technology has been a topic of conversation for years, but there is much more to say about working alongside this technology. In fact, if construction companies play their cards right, there is a vast opportunity for some cutting-edge business transformations.


However, new technology also comes with new risks – something that construction companies want to avoid at all costs. Allow me to outline a few places where construction companies are already using technology to help steer the direction of your own investments.


Project Management Tools


No construction project should ever be undertaken without the right management. This includes everything from planning day-to-day tasks to obtaining the permits. Necessary work but also extremely time-consuming. New digital project management tools are emerging and significantly cutting down the time it takes to plan each stage of a construction project.


In some cases, construction companies have found using project management tools has shaved months off of a project. Subsequently, this is increasing the number of projects a single business can take on and boosting overall revenue.


Digitised Permits


In some circumstances, it can take months to acquire a building permit. It’s one of the many hoops construction companies must jump through to begin a project. Once again, it is a vital stage of any building project, but one that is being completed quicker thanks to technological advancements.


Digitised permits allow construction companies to apply, query, send and share important documents in a fraction of the time it usually takes when acquiring a permit. In Singapore, the processing time for a building permit has been reduced to around three weeks. No more running around to acquire the necessary signatures.




Drones are capable of capturing thermal, multispectral, LIDAR and RGB data – all valuable insights for construction projects. This data is needed to help construction companies overcome costly challenges such as identifying construction mistakes, outlining deadlines and avoiding miscommunication.


Not only this but drone technology is becoming vital to improving health and safety within the industry. Drones can inspect hard-to-access or potentially dangerous areas of a construction site. Overall this technology is increasing efficiency, lowering costs and streamlining workflows.




It is a broad area but robotics in the construction industry are revolutionising the way buildings and infrastructure are created. From automating physical onsite tasks to digitising planning and management procedures, these robots are performing repetitive, time-consuming tasks while minimising the risks associated with manual labour.


Automated robots in construction are not only reducing risks and costs but also increasing productivity and creativity. For example, robots can test and analyse different building materials and open up the possibilities for creative constructions that may not have been possible before.


Looking Ahead


2024 is shaping up to be the year of technological advancements across various industries. It is important that the construction industry takes advantage of these opportunities.


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