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3 Construction Industry Trends In 2023

It’s safe to say that the last few years have been turbulent for the construction industry. The pandemic caused a chain of events that led to soaring material prices, labour shortages and delayed projects. 


So, now that we are in 2023 and on the road to recovery…what has this year got in store construction? 


Throughout this article, I will be delving into 3 construction industry trends that are prominent in 2023. 


  • Technology 

With the rise of AI and other technological advancements, industries all over the world are implementing/trialling more efficient ways of working with the help of technology. The construction industry is no exception to these changes. In recent months, I have seen many stories of new tech being tested on construction sites. For example, it was only recently that I came across a story about a robot that can draw out floor plans in a fraction of the time it takes surveyors. It’s been argued that this kind of technology will reduce human error and speed up labour-intensive processes. With the way things are going, it wouldn’t be surprising if, in the near future, there is some form of robotic technology on every construction site. 


  • Sustainability 

Sustainability is high on the priority list for many industries, including construction. As we all know, the construction industry currently has a huge environmental impact and there is a lot of pressure to change this; according to statistics construction accounts for 38% of global carbon emissions. There are many steps that construction companies are taking to work towards more sustainable practices, this includes: using renewable/recyclable materials, reducing on-site waste, protecting natural habitats throughout the project, etc. The government has also set out a Net Zero Strategy to help the construction industry improve its reporting on embodied carbon in buildings and is exploring the potential of a maximum embodied carbon level for new buildings in the future. 


  • Safety 

The health and safety of workers remains a prominent trend in the construction industry. Construction companies are always on the lookout for equipment and technology that can enhance the safety of their site and protect their workers. Since a huge labour/skills shortage hit the construction industry, it is more important than ever to ensure workers can carry out their work safely and without sustaining injuries. In 2022, we saw the introduction of the Building Safety Act; it is one of several pieces of legislation and guidance being implemented by the Government to enhance Building Safety. This legislation focuses on: the safety and standard of all buildings, assuring the safety of higher-risk buildings (both in construction and occupation), improving the competence of the people responsible for overseeing, managing, and delivering works to higher-risk buildings and ensuring clearer standards and guidance. 


As the construction industry continues to show signs of recovery, these 3 trends are growing in importance. Technology, sustainability and safety can no longer be ignored and it is imperative that companies work towards adapting/implementing these trends. 


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