Start Up Barristers

Start up Barristers

We provide legal advice to start ups so they have efficient legal frameworks for profitable commercial transactions and relationships as well as sound corporate governance. Our start up barristers have particular expertise in assisting start ups, and their professional advisers such as accountants and financial advisers with the rectification or removal of financial statements and validation statements lodged with statutory bodies such as Companies House or Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (“HMRC”) which may otherwise have an adverse impact on their enterprise.


Additionally, legal advice from our start up barristers extends to entrepreneurs and business angels investing in start-ups, SME’s, large corporations, private investors and venture capitalists.



Disputes may arise when one party considers their position is being prejudiced or that the other party is taking undue advantage of their privileged position; and are often an unavoidable part of start ups and commercial relationships and transactions. This may be internally amongst start up partners, leading to shareholder disputes, and director disputes. In such cases, the start up legal advice team at our chambers have skilled and experienced barristers to provide advice for start up business disputes in order to give tactical and strategic advice.


Our start up barristers are able to either give pre-emptive or retrospective legal advice in order to protect, or recover, our clients’ position – a change in dynamics compared to solicitor or traditional commercial law firm. Start up business and commercial disputes also arise externally when there is a breach of contract by one party against the other, a retort of negligence is committed in the course of a professional relationship, or where a party has breached a statutory duty. Whether you are a claimant, defendant or interested party, our start up barristers are able to give practical expert legal advice and assist by way of a negotiated settlement, mediation, adjudication, arbitration or litigation.



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