Property Barristers

Property Barristers

At Mercantile Barristers, some of our property barristers are also qualified surveyors who have accumulated substantial knowledge and experience of the full spectrum of property disputes and planning matters before becoming specialist property barristers. As such, we are well accustomed to undertaking comprehensive legal work for professional, corporate and institutional clients with significant property interests.


Our Property Law practice area is headed by our Head of Chambers, Mr. Samuel Okoronkwo. Mr. Okoronkwo is a barrister with over 30 years of commercial, professional and legal practice experience. Quite apart from being an excellent barrister, he has specific industry expertise, having primarily had a hands-on professional career as an entrepreneur and a Quantity Surveyor. He also worked as a Property Developer for several years dealing with all aspects of complex land assembly, design development, development appraisals, planning consents, project financing, development procurement and management, asset disposals and retention within a portfolio.


Our property barristers are happy to be consulted and they regularly accept instructions directly from professionals and discerning private clients at any time; and as a general rule, we tend to handle property-related enquiries and claims with a minimum value of £50,000.



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