Civil & Commercial Litigation Barristers


At Mercantile Barristers, we aim to provide legal solutions to meet all of our clients’ objectives. Dispute avoidance and early resolution of disputes is the first step before litigation starts and our Civil and Commercial Litigation barristers have the experience to assist in identifying and anticipating potentially contentious civil and commercial litigation issues. Our early intervention will ensure that costs are managed and contained as far as possible and that a cost/benefit analysis of any course of action is thoroughly explored.


Members at Mercantile Barristers (direct access barristers) are specialist litigators and this is enhanced by their Public Access training. A significant number are authorised by the Bar Standards Board to Conduct Litigation as such they are able to fulfil both the solicitor’s and the barrister’s function in a case. Our barristers are happy to be consulted and they regularly accept instructions directly from professionals and discerning private clients at any time; and as a general rule, we tend to handle a large number of claims with a minimum value of £100,000.



Have Found Mercantile, To Be Honest, Diligent And Willing To Go The Extra Mile With Their Advice.
Linda S