Mercantile Barristers named Legal Partner of Playsmart

Added by : Samuel Okoronkwo

Mercantile Barristers have been named Legal Partner of Playsmart, a football support product which provides support to professional, semi Professional and amateur  footballer players as well as football fans. The personal support Playsmart offer includes financial, educational,  lifestyle and legal. 

Playsmart was founded by Chris Neilson (BT Sport) and James Jennings, an experienced professional footballer who now plays for Forest Green Rovers. They identified that there was a gap in the market for the provision of high quality support and lifestyle services for footballers and key stakeholders within the game. The ever changing dynamics of the game and social media has led to younger people being not just inspired to become a professional footballer on the pitch but to also live the luxury lifestyle perceived by the media off it. This perception people have on footballers, sadly has had an effect on the roles led from players and the way in which they live.

Playsmart is the player’s friend and a real game changer to how they look at support and future care. It’s not just a platform for lifestyle services but a place someone can go to for help, whatever the issue. Playsmart assists the player not only during the course of their playing career which on average lasts 8 years, but also after their career.

Playsmart will be launching soon and you can view the current website by clicking on

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